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Why Choose Clariden Consulting?

Clariden consulting was born out of the need to rpovide business development successes and technology solutions to the health care industry within Nigeria, African and the Global Community. We provide ourselves as industry experts looking to contribure imensely to your secondary healthcare delivery

Prompt Services Delivery

Let's get Started! Yes, we can start offering your facility skills and global presence online within a short time, you can grow into becoming a force for reckon with technology driven custom service for your in-patients and out-patients

Bespoke Solutions

The Clariden team offers adaptive solutions for your hospital,eye clinic, dental center e.t.c we offer something that is custom and works for you.All healthcare providers need varying tech and business growth solutions, and we will help you deploy technology(software, hardware) to improve your service

Growth Driven Strategies

All we do at Clariden is to help your enterprise be in a better position to offer amazing healthcare service, you can also improve your numbers and scale over time by utilizing our KPI(Key Performance Index) based strategies for growth


Business Dev and Business Process Optimisation

At Clariden Medical Consulting, we believe that there is always room for improvement, hence as a company, we are totally committed to proffering cutting edge information and ideas that will take your medical/diagnostic facility to the next level of excellent service delivery. We are poised to offer you relevant internationally renown medical/diagnostic innovations, elite management tools and resources, and best technical practices that will put your facility on the forefront of the medical/diagnostic profession.

Digital Marketing

How vast is your clientele? Would you want to grow your client base as quickly, methodically and affordably as possible? If yes is the answer, then Clariden Medical Consulting can help deliver the goods for you. We provide tested and proven Digital Marketing solutions that deliver incredible results, owing to our unique promotional strategies. So as far as boasting your clientele portfolio is concerned, we are the sure bet to get the job satisfactorily done.

Medical/Laboratory Equipment and consumables sourcing and Procurement

The margin between loss and profitability in any business, most especially in Medical Businesses, is majorly defined by consumables and equipments sourcing and procurements. Because we are interested in the profitability of your Medical operations, we have therefore worked very hard to gain veritable insights on how to source and procure Medical and Diagnostic equipments and consumables that are both friendly on your limited business income and, of the highest qualities.

Recruitment/HR/Internship Advisory/CV Audit

In Clariden Medical Consulting, we know that an institution is as good as her employees. For that reason, we have built a well oiled system for sourcing the best Medical professionals that will suit your institution's policies, goals and corporate culture.

Software Services for Healthcare Industry

In this current business climate, the difference between a highly successful business and another that is struggling to break even is mostly determined on how they've employed or otherwise available Software Services. For that purpose, we are here to help you navigate the myriad Software Services available, and providing you veritable insights into several first-class Software Services that your Business needs to run very efficiency and effectively, hence helping you build a sound reputation for excellent service delivery.

Hospital/Laboratory designs services

Let's give you world-class Hospital and Laboratory designs that mets local and international standards.

International Medical tourism services

For your best Medical Tourism advices and services, allow us to help put together the best experiences you've ever had. Whatever the purpose, we've got you covered. We've established great relationships with some of the best Medical and Diagnostic facilities in the world, ready to offer their services to you on very pocket friendly terms, without diminishing their worldclass services to you. From the first step towards departure till your arrival, we've got you covered.

International Medical scholarships, fellowship and courses advisory services

For Medical students of all disciplines, we can help you gain International admissions in reputed universities around the world. We also can furnish you with relevant and invaluable information of scholarship and fellowship opportunities from across the globe. Contact us today to help you take those giant strides in your career dreams.

Customer Care And Relations Services Improvement.

Every business needs loyal and committed customer base. But what makes customers committed and loyal to a brand has a lot to do with how they are cared for, and the relationship they enjoy everytime they encounter the business brand. For that purpose, we at Clariden Medical Consulting offer training and retraining services to Medical Personnels on how best to gain customer trust and loyalty.

About Us

CLARIDEN MEDICAL CONSULTING offers a wide range of Medical, Diagnostic and Business optimization consultancy services to medical companies and organizations. In addition to that, we also provide differing services to individuals, cutting across Medical Services and Education. Our services are anchored on a combined average Medical, Diagnostic and Business optimization experience of more than 10 years. As a team, taking care of your health is our priority.

Our Mission

To provide cutting edge business and operational service assistance to Medical and Diagnostic companies and organizations, helping them scale their profitability, while also living a lasting effects on their clientele. Our committed and highly passionate team helps our clients to the above goal through the rendition of pocket friendly and highly rewarding services.

Our Core Values

Integrity: We are committed to delivering the highest quality of services at all times, and we don't renege on our promises. You can hold us by our words.

Customer Centric: We pride ourselves in putting our clients first, and we are eager to adapt to our customers' unique desires and needs.

Passion: We often beat our clients imaginations because we are very passionate about what we do. Our drive comes from seeing that our clients are happy.

Excellence: We leave no stone unturned when it comes to meeting our goals. Actually, the goal at Clariden is always Excellent Service delivery.

Creativity: We are innovative minded in our approach to solution delivery.

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